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The variety of fish native to the Mentawai allows for varied fishing techniques.
These islands separated from mainland Sumatra after the second ice age.
Few people inhabit small areas,

it is a true tropical fishing paradise.

Light Game

The coastal areas are richly covered with mangroves and individual river systems meander through the fertile area. Mangrove Jacks and smaller Groupers can be caught with light tackle. Line classes up to PE0.8 are sufficient for this.

here offers fishing with fly rod in class 5-6 as an excellent activity.

Top Water 

Here you can expect powerful GT’s when you fish your surface bait over the flats. With GT`S over 40Kg or Dogtooth Tunas that can demand everything, you should use a minimum line class of PE8. recommended leader min 130lbs and Popper/Stickbaits with 150-250g are suitable.

The warm waters around the Mentawai allow a higher metabolism of the fish to take place and therefore they eat more nutrients and gain a lot of weight.


The deep fishing grounds promise a variety of strong fighting fish. Our recommendation is that you have a little more equipment here with combos PE2.5-3 and PE4-5. Important here are reels with enough line capacity, e.g. Shimano Ocea Jigger 2000, Shimano Saragosa 10000.

most often used knife jigs with 200 – 250g. For this we recommend leaders with min 100lbs carrying capacity a main line of not less than PE 2.5 for slowjigging and not less than PE4 for speedjigging equipment..

Big Game

Would you like to experience the big deal when fishing for Wahoos, Marlin and Tunas? This can also be planned according to your wishes.

our boat is equipped with trolling equipment, kite and drift fishing gear. We operate catch and release and only use fish for our own kitchen.

Our Boat — MS Cornelia II

Our custom center console offers first class fishing opportunities

Twin 200HP Suzuki
Lowrance HDS12 Live with 1kw Low/High Chirp Sounder
Rod holders & Outrigger Poles
Safety Beacon & life jackets
Extra large casting platform
Fusion Audio Entertainment
Shaded area & comfort zone
Toilet & Lavabo
Large bait tank
Iced drinks

Marine Devices

Toilet and Sanitary

Twin 200HP Suzuki

up to 4 Anglers


Here you can find a selection of species which you can catch!


ThE Sailfish also called  <BilLfish> hold the record for the fastest speed of any marine animals

Black Marlin

He is the most popular Sportfish in tropical regions. A  hard fighting King with a sword as his Nose

Yellowfin Tuna

The feeding Machine of the Ocean. Large Tunas can afford everything from a experienced sport fishermen

Dogtooth Tuna

He is a fast killing machine with enormous power. Dog`S have cutting sharp thoots  and  Razor sharp Eyes

Giant Trevally

Big GT`S kills and eat everything. a tough guy with a lot of power and hard striking

Bluespotted Trevally

He is an inshore species, found in sandy, muddy and seagrass environments. a fabulously beautiful fish

Bigeye Trevally

He inhabits both inshore and offshore waters to depths of around 100 m, He is a powerful, predatory fish


He have razor sharp Thoots and lives in Reef structures. iHe loves fast prey and attacks them highly aggressive

King Makerel

In the warm waters of Mentawai he can grow  up to 30kg. Its highly it is highly recommended to use steel leader

Green Jobfish

a beauty of a  fish, he lives  in deep lagoons, channels, or seaward reefs at depths from the surface down to 120 m


A very popular sport fish. For its size it is a strong fighter and jumps spectacularly out of the water

Rainbow Runner

It is a fast-swimming predator, taking small fish, cephalopods, and a wide variety of planktonic crustaceans

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