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Enjoy the Fresh Food we provide from Local Sources…

Luwak Coffe & Arabica Kurinci

We maintain contacts with local producers in Indonesia. This allows our guests to enjoy exquisite coffees and teas. Kurinci coffee originates in the mountainous areas of Sumatra, where it is traditionally grown by many small farmers. Coffee Luwak from Sumbawa is naturally produced from half digested coffee beans in excrement of wild living spotted musangs (creeping cats). It is the most exclusive coffee in the world.

Grilled Fish

Our guests experience the freshness of seafood in its perfection. Fish dishes are light and rich in valuable omega 3 fatty acids. Not only because of the good nutritional values, but also because of the fresh taste, these dishes are often on our menu.

Fresh Tuna-Avocado Tatar, even At Sea

While you are busy fishing, our on board team serves a unique taste experience. Our guests are served fresh sashimi with local garnishes like you have never experienced before.

Home made Hamburgers

We also offer handmade burgers with local salads and homemade sauce. In addition, fries from organic potatoes.

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