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Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur

choose your international flight to jakarta or kuala lumpur


Padang Minangkabau

Fly to Minangkaubau airport. You can find the best deals here.


Siberut, Mentawai

Take the ferry to Siberut and cross the strait Selat Mentawai.

It’s not so far after all

The trip to Padang Minangkabau Airport, is the only way to Mentawai Island. You can reach Minangkabau Airport via Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta. Please note the entry Regulations of Indonesia. In Padang you will be picked up at the airport and stay for one night in a 4 star hotel. 

From Padang the ferry to Siberut departs every thuesday until Saturday  from 07:00. It is recommended that you arrive in Padang one day before you take the ferry.

Upon arrival at Sikabaluan port, you will be taken to the Lodge by one of our boats.


There are no shopping facilities on the island, take all the essentials with you


UV radiation is very strong near the equator. It is necessary to bring sunscreen with high UV protection.


Headgear protects you from sunstroke. We recommend long-sleeved shirts to all guests. Rainwear can be an advantage.


No joke! sunglasses are a requirement on the sea, not only that you look cool while wearing them.


take your personal medicine with you if needed.



Especially in the evening, you will prevent nasty mosquito bites with mosquito spray.



Bring your own fishing equipment or rent it from us. Further information on request.


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